Hiatal Hernia

Hernia repair refers to a surgical operation for the correction of a hernia (a bulging of internal organs or tissues through the wall that contains it.) Hernias can occur in many places, including the abdomen, groin, diaphragm, brain, and at the site of a previous operation. There are many different approaches to the surgical repair of hernias, including herniorrhaphy, hernioplasty, and herniotomy. Hernia repair is often performed as an ambulatory procedure.

Repair may correct inguinal hernia, femoral hernia, umbilical hernia, or other hernias.

My Treatment - Repair Hernia, insert Gastric Band

Close Hiatal hernia and insert adjustable gastric band

My Treatment - Laparoscopic Repair direct Inguinal Hernia

Repair of Left direct Inguinal Hernia (TAPP)
Laparoscopic repair of right indirect inguinal hernia (TAPP)

My Treatment - Laparoscopic Repair Inguinal Hernia

Repair right indirect Inguinal Hernia